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Welcome to Innocent Products

The home of Viapro and Viafem, the all-natural sexual performance enhancers for men and women. Innocent Products has developed Viapro, a revolutionary sexual stimulant for men with three key proprietary ingredients. Viapro is a quick and long lasting libido boosting powder, giving you the confidence and satisfaction you desire. For women, Viafem, a 100% natural, sexual stimulant to increase libido, arousal and performance.

Customer Testimonials

After using Viapro I had more endurance and was able to satisfy my partner multiple times

Mike - 35 years old

As I got older I found my sex drive becoming non-existent. But after using Viapro, I feel like a new man.

Harry - 45 years old

I must admit I didn’t believe there was a product that could help me achieve and erection. Especially now I’m in my 50’s. but Viapro proved me wrong. I never have to worry about getting old anymore.

Andrew - 53 years old

Viafem gave me that extra confidence boost as well as increased my sensual desire with my partner. He had suggested I give it a try after he used Viapro, the male equivalent. I have to say our sex life is much healthier since we have been taking these great herbal supplements.

Jennifer - 43 years old

Viapro is the all-natural solution to erection problems and is one of the market leaders in male sexual enhancement pills. Viapro has been designed to improve performance and pleasure, it helps you to overcome sexual problems such as anxiety, nerves and stress, all of which can affect your sexual performance. Viafem is one of the leading female sexual enhancement pills available on the market today, containing only 100% natural ingredients, Viafem can help to improve your sexual arousal and satisfaction, in turn intensifying your sexual sensations and desires. By improving arousal and sensation levels, Viafem may lead to improved orgasms.