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Customer Testimonials

After having my baby 9 months ago, I found it hard to be close with my husband. I just did not feel like being intimate with him. I came across these viafem female sexual enhancer capsules and thought I would give them a try, after all anything at this point was worth a try!

I could not believe that after so long and after just taking one capsule I felt that I wanted to be sexual with my husband again. Not only was he happy, but I felt more like my old self again, Viafem has really helped.

Sally - 35 years old

Viafem gave me that extra confidence boost as well as increased my sensual desire with my partner. He had suggested I give it a try after he used Viapro, the male equivalent. I have to say our sex life is much healthier since we have been taking these great herbal supplements.

Jennifer - 43 years old